Carpal Tunnel Surgery Testimonial


In her carpal tunnel surgery testimonial, Heather explains how she first underwent nonsurgical treatment with Dr. Brian Tobias. After about a year, surgery became necessary. She says she appreciates Dr. Tobias' caring and attentive manner, and that she can now work and lead an active lifestyle without pain.

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[00:00:03.640] My first visit to Dr. Tobias was because I was having some issues with my hand. [00:00:12.080] I thought I was maybe starting to get some carpal tunnel. [00:00:16.040] He did some X-rays. [00:00:18.960] Talked to me about what was going on with my hand. [00:00:21.960] And sure enough, I was having carpal tunnel issues. [00:00:26.040] He actually gave me some shots. [00:00:28.320] A shot in my wrist to see if that would help. [00:00:32.000] And initially, it did help for about a year. [00:00:34.720] And then we realized that wasn't going to be an option anymore. [00:00:37.800] It was to the point where I did need to go ahead and have surgery done [00:00:41.800] to my wrist. [00:00:42.720] After we decided it was time to go and have surgery, [00:00:45.280] I came in for a pre-op visit. [00:00:48.440] He drew on my hand to let me know what was going to happen. [00:00:53.160] We set up an appointment time and I came back and had surgery. [00:00:57.840] My son brought me and Dr. Tobias was very sweet and kind [00:01:01.960] and let my son know what was going to happen. [00:01:04.160] And let my son be in the room with us to witness what was happening. [00:01:09.880] Then I had surgery. [00:01:11.440] It was nice because he was able to talk to me [00:01:15.000] and he was just constantly asking, "Are you okay? How are you feeling?" [00:01:18.560] My son was sitting right behind us in the room [00:01:20.680] and he had conversations with him. [00:01:23.000] So it wasn't stressful like a lot of surgeries would be. [00:01:26.920] And then afterward, wrapped it up, sutured it up, showed it to me [00:01:31.960] and then wrapped it. [00:01:33.440] Talked to me about the home care that would need to be done afterward. [00:01:37.040] And have therapy... [00:01:38.600] And how to take care of it and stuff like that. [00:01:42.360] I'm a teacher and I'm a math teacher and I write a lot. [00:01:45.760] A high school math teacher, writing a lot of problems on the board, [00:01:48.880] writing a lot of paper, writing a lot of feedback. [00:01:51.560] It got to the point before surgery where I couldn't grade [00:01:55.440] more than like 10 papers at a time without having to stop and physically cry. [00:02:01.440] I was trying to shake my hand thinking that would help. [00:02:04.440] I was constantly doing this, thinking it would help [00:02:07.840] and nothing was helping. [00:02:10.680] Yesterday, I was wakeboarding, [00:02:13.520] literally grabbing onto the rope. [00:02:17.400] I was like, "Oh, my gosh". [00:02:19.480] It's like it was maybe five years ago, 10 years ago. [00:02:22.320] There's no pain [00:02:24.120] like it used to be.

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