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In this elbow surgery testimonial, Colleen says she needed prompt attention after a serious fall. While other practices had long waits, the Hand to Shoulder Center was able to see her right away. After two surgeries, she is very happy with the progress of her treatment and the level of communication Dr. Guevara provides.

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[00:00:03.640] Hi. [00:00:07.560] I'm Colleen Ridlin, and I'm a patient of Dr. Jonathan Guevara. [00:00:13.920] About 20 months ago, [00:00:15.360] I took a hard fall on my elbow on the pavement. [00:00:19.360] My joint was broken in eight or nine pieces. [00:00:23.480] I had trouble finding an orthopedic who would get me in, [00:00:26.720] and it would be about five days before I could be seen. [00:00:31.440] But I called here and they said, "How soon can you be here?" [00:00:37.160] That was my first visit. [00:00:38.840] He stayed late and looked at my elbow, and decided that, yes, I needed surgery. [00:00:45.440] Since my accident, I've had two surgeries. [00:00:49.640] Dr. Guevara did both of them, and I have complete confidence in him. [00:00:55.160] He's a learner. [00:00:56.480] He is always searching for a better way to do it. [00:01:02.320] His staff was great. [00:01:05.520] They took care of me, X- rays, and were always very personable with me. [00:01:13.160] My process is a little bit slow. [00:01:15.800] I've had a stiff elbow, [00:01:17.960] but Dr. Guevara keeps in constant contact with my OT [00:01:25.560] and make sure that I'm progressing physically the way that I should. [00:01:31.000] I have a few more degrees in extension [00:01:33.520] and a few more degrees in flexion that I need to go, [00:01:36.760] but I'm feeling more normal and functional now. [00:01:40.800] I'm so glad that I had Dr. Guevara.

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At The Hand to Shoulder Center in Fort Worth, TX, our team of fellowship-trained hand, elbow, and shoulder surgeons treat any and all conditions from the shoulder to the fingertip. Our surgeons perform both elective and reconstructive procedures, including:

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