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Shoulder Surgery

Healthy shoulders are essential to everything you do, allowing you to lift and rotate your arms to perform important daily functions. 

If shoulder injury or degeneration are preventing you from moving freely, shoulder surgery may greatly improve your quality of life.

At The Hand to Shoulder Center in Fort Worth, TX, our fellowship-trained surgeons are dedicated to helping you find long-lasting relief...

Woman stretching her shoulder

How Shoulder Surgery Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Relieve Discomfort—for Good

Our fellowship-trained surgeons offer surgical and non-surgical treatments designed to relieve shoulder pain and improve function. 

Surgery & Aftercare in One Place

In some cases, non-surgical care may resolve your issues. We offer physical therapy on-site to make the treatment you need accessible and convenient.

Receive Top Surgical Care

Our surgeons use the latest techniques to treat virtually any shoulder joint problem including rotator cuff issues, tendonitis, arthritis, and sports injuries. 

Shoulder Surgery

Dr. Jonathan Guevara discusses how arthritis and injury often lead to the need for shoulder surgery. This solution is only recommended after a detailed diagnostic process and a discussion of your goals and needs. If you've had multiple unsuccessful attempts to manage your condition without surgery, this solution may be right for you.

Ready to Experience Relief? Contact Our Surgeons for a Consultation

Because the shoulder joint is the most flexible connection in the body, an injury can make life more difficult, affect your ability to work, and decrease your mobility. The fellowship-trained surgeons at The Hand to Shoulder Center can treat any shoulder, no matter how complex the issue.  

Our doctors use the latest techniques in sports medicine to perform advanced procedures such as: 

  • Total Shoulder Replacement
  • Reverse Shoulder Replacement
  • Arthroscopic surgery including Rotator Cuff
  • Tendon Transfer Surgery

We treat patients of all ages, and we have the training to treat any condition from the shoulder to the tips of your fingers. Because we utilize outpatient surgery centers rather than hospitals whenever possible, which can save patients time and money compared to other institutions. To talk to one of our surgeons about your symptoms, request a consultation online or call us: 

(817) 420-9238

Dr. Jonathan Guevara
Dr. Jonathan Guevara - Fellowship-trained in Shoulder & Elbow Surgery

"Dr. Lesley Is Very Good at What He Does"


Candis Richardson


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Dr. Lesley is very good at what he does. He was very compassionate and understanding when I told him how much pain I was in. He took time to answer my questions and explain everything. The staff was also great. Two days out from elbow surgery.

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Elizabeth Flash


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One of the nicest and most competent doctors I have ever been to. Very compassionate and knowledgeable. Took his time, explained everything thoroughly. I highly recommend him!! Thank you Dr. Lesley for a wonderful experience. Also his office staff and nurses are wonderful and the wait time was the shortest I’ve ever experienced. A+ in my books!!

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Are You a Candidate for Shoulder Surgery?

To determine if orthopedic surgery is right for you, we will: 

  • Assess your medical history and review your symptoms
  • Perform a physical evaluation, checking for signs of swelling, weakness, and limited mobility
  • Conduct diagnostic tests, which may include x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or computed tomography (CT) to determine whether there are injuries to your shoulder joint and to plan your orthopedic surgery

We may recommend shoulder surgery if you suffer from:

These issues can make everyday motions such as picking up or reaching for items difficult or painful. If you suffer from rotator cuff tendonitis or a rotator cuff tear, the discomfort can even cause difficulty sleeping. If you are dealing with persistent pain, you should consult with an orthopedic doctor at our Fort Worth, TX, practice to get a professional evaluation and explore your treatment options. 

Shoulder Injuries Are Very Common

According to the American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, almost 11.5 million people consulted with doctors about shoulder problems in 2010 alone. The most common types of injuries include torn rotator cuff muscles, dislocated shoulder sockets, and fractured collarbones. Our team has the training to expertly treat all parts of the shoulder, including rotator cuff muscles. 

What Are Your Treatment Options? 

Your treatment will depend on the cause of your injury, pain, or compromised range of motion. All options, including medical, therapeutic, and surgical protocols, can be discussed at your appointment to formulate a custom treatment plan for your shoulder.

Doctor treating patient with injured shoulder


In some cases, we may recommend on-site physical therapy before resorting to more invasive treatment. For your convenience, we offer in-house physical therapy. For fractures of the collarbone, we may prescribe a splint or sling instead of surgery. Depending on your condition, we may also recommend rest, icing, heat application, and medications such as anti-inflammatories or steroid injections in conjunction with your physical therapy. 

Surgeons in the operating room


If we cannot resolve your issue with non-surgical methods, or if you have a severe condition, we will explore the possibility of surgery. It is important to note that delaying necessary surgery can increase the severity of the damage or injury to your shoulder, making it more difficult to treat in the future.

Offering Minimally Invasive Surgery

In some cases, the shoulder joint can be effectively treated with minimally invasive surgery. Whenever possible, we use minimally invasive techniques to reduce your risk of complications and expedite your recovery. Arthroscopy is a camera-assisted procedure during which one of our surgeons will insert tiny surgical instruments and scopes through small incisions on the shoulder. Using arthroscopy, our surgeon can also make a diagnosis and make necessary repairs to the tissue. Because shoulder arthroscopy is performed on an outpatient basis, you can go home and begin healing on the same day. Arthroscopy is most commonly used to treat impingement syndrome, SLAP tears, dislocation, frozen shoulders, rotator cuff tears, AC joint repairs, and torn bicep tendons.

We can also perform open surgery when needed.

minimally invasive surgery

Combining Techniques to Perform Shoulder Reconstruction

If you have shoulder pain or limited mobility due to a degenerative condition such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or a severe injury, shoulder replacement might be your best option. Our Fort Worth, TX, orthopedic team utilizes techniques from all aspects of orthopedics, including joint replacement, tendon repair, debridement, tendon transfer, and tissue repair procedures.

man plays tennis

What to Expect during Shoulder Surgery


Our team will provide a list of instructions to prepare you for your procedure. You may be asked to fast, and you may need to stop taking certain medications.


Anesthesia helps you relax during the procedure. It is important to discuss with your surgeon your anesthesia preferences, and to understand which options are right for you. Your safety and comfort during the procedure are of prime importance!


One of our fellowship-trained orthopedic doctors will perform the procedure using open or arthroscopic techniques.


While you are recovering, it is likely that you will experience some pain or tenderness at the surgery site. If you notice a fever, increased swelling, excess bleeding, or other signs of infection, contact our office right away.


Whether you undergo open surgery or minimally invasive surgery, we will prescribe rehabilitation. We offer post-surgery physical therapy in-house, making it more convenient for you to get the post-op care you need. During your rehabilitation, we will show you different stretches and exercises to help you prevent future injuries.

"Above and Beyond" What Patients Are Saying about Us


Jason Woodyard


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I don't brag on doctors. Dr. Lesley is absolutely the best I've had to deal with. He listens and explains and was above and beyond on being thorough. Absolutely an artisan with stitches! Thanks Dr. Lesley for honoring the Hippocratic Oath!

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Ginny Vest


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Office staff very considerate and helpful. Dr. Lesley helped me with my finger, could not ask for a better doctor!  He understands and explains what the procedure will entail. Faster recovery time than the last surgery.  Would highly recommend him!

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How Much Does Shoulder Surgery Cost?

Every patient is different, so surgical costs vary widely. In general, the cost of surgery depends on:

  • Insurance Contracts
  • Regional Variations
  • Nature of the Surgery

If this is revision surgery or a rare or complex procedure, the treatment may cost more. 

Hand to Shoulder team in the surgical suite

The Hand to Shoulder Center

At The Hand to Shoulder Center in Fort Worth, TX, our team of fellowship-trained hand, elbow, and shoulder surgeons treat any and all conditions from the shoulder to the fingertip. Our surgeons perform both elective and reconstructive procedures, including:

  • Joint Replacement
  • Traumatic Injury Surgery
  • Arthroscopic Surgery
  • Microsurgery
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Wide Awake Local Anesthesia Only Surgery

Our physicians are associated with the American Society for Surgery of the Hand and the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery. For more information or to request an appointment, please contact us online or call (817) 420-9238.

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