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Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Also known as ulnar nerve entrapment, cubital tunnel syndrome is the second most common mononeuropathy behind carpal tunnel syndrome.

When the ulnar nerve is compressed in the elbow, it can lead to pain the hand and fingers and issues with grip strength.

The fellowship trained surgeons of the Hand to Shoulder Center can provide relief to cubital tunnel patients in the Fort Worth, TX, area...

What Is Cubital Tunnel Syndrome? Ulnar Nerve Entrapment

One of the major nerves in the arm, the ulnar nerve begins at the neck and travels through the shoulder and forearm down into the hands and fingers. Running along the pinkie side of the arm, the ulnar nerve passes around the elbow through a narrow structure known as the cubital tunnel. The ulnar nerve provides sensation to the little finger and part of the ring finger.

Cubital tunnel syndrome occurs when the ulnar nerve becomes swollen, inflamed, irritated, or compressed around the elbow. The condition affects grip, hand strength, and finger mobility.

Although cubital tunnel syndrome is the second most common mononeuropathy (a condition that affects a single nerve) its overall incidence in the population is difficult to gauge...

5.9% of Americans are affected by this condition

*According to the Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Cubital tunnel syndrome is similar to carpal tunnel syndrome, but it involves nerve compression in the elbow, causing numbness and tingling in the ring and small fingers. Dr. Christopher Bates says treatment can be as simple as wearing a brace or injecting medication. Surgery can be performed in more pronounced cases.

Causes of Cubital Tunnel Syndrome


Cubital tunnel syndrome is often caused by repetitive stress on the elbow, keeping the elbow bent for long periods of time (e.g., during sleep), frequent leaning on the elbows, and trauma to the joint. Arthritis, bone spurs, and previous fractures or dislocations of the elbow can also contribute to the condition.

Symptoms of Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

People who develop cubital tunnel syndrome often experience pain similar to hitting your funny bone. In addition to the funny bone feeling, other signs of ulnar nerve compression include:

  • Tingling or numbness in the ring or little finger
  • Loss of grip strength
  • Diminished finger coordination
  • Clumsiness of the affected hand

If you experience any elbow pain or numbness and tingling of your fingers, it's important to consult with our team of surgeons in Fort Worth, TX. We can accurately diagnose your condition and discuss options to treat ulnar nerve compression.

A man experiencing elbow pain
Our team of fellowship trained surgeons can offer relief to people suffering from cubital tunnel syndrome.

A Cubital Tunnel Patient Shares Her Story "I've never had such an easy experience with surgery"

"I saw Dr. N Lesley about my right hand because my two outside fingers were numb and my hand was not functioning well. He knew exactly what it was which another medical person had suggested as well. He gave me information for three treatments and I decided to have the cubital tunnel release because it was permanent, especially since I just retired and will not longer be spending hours on my computer, and because he told me he could do it in the office. I WAS THRILLED to hear that I would not have to be put under anesthesia if I did it in his office...

"I've never had such an easy experience with surgery, and I've had a lot of surgery! This was MUCH less expensive, and my co-pay will be much easier to pay. Thank you, Dr. Lesley and all of your staff, for making this such an easy experience. My arm was sore for about 4 days and I'm back to using it pain free. All surgery should be so easy. Yay for modern medicine and The Hand to Shoulder Center."
Cynthia Hebert - 5 Star Review - 2021

Keeping Treatment Affordable


Our surgeons understand the hardships caused by the high cost of healthcare, which is why we work with patients to keep the price of treatment down. When possible, we perform cubital tunnel surgery in our office to cut costs in half, and we partner with ambulatory surgery centers in the Fort Worth, TX, area to avoid hospital fees. We also accept CareCredit® financing to make sure medical procedures are within reach for every patient.

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The Hand to Shoulder Center

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Our physicians are associated with the American Society for Surgery of the Hand and the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery. For more information or to request an appointment, please contact us online or call (817) 420-9238.

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