What are the most common conditions treated at The Hand to Shoulder Center?

Two of the most common issues treated at The Hand to Shoulder Center are Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Trigger Finger. Both conditions can be quite painful and cause difficulty with daily activities.

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition in which there is pressure on a nerve that runs through a carpal tunnel located at the base of your hand. The carpal tunnel allows certain tendons to pass through it while other tissues rest against it and make up part of your wrist joint. Most people develop symptoms gradually over time as they age; however, younger people can also develop carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive motions involving their hands, such as typing on a keyboard or playing video games.

Does Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Cause Pain or Numbness?

Carpal tunnel syndrome causes you to both lose feeling and experience pain. The numbness usually manifests on your thumb, index, and middle fingers, sometimes only at night. In addition, you may find that your grip is weak or that you have a hard time using your hand in particular ways — like buttoning a shirt.

“You can’t feel the tips of your fingers, but the entire hand and arm hurt because when you compress a nerve, you kind of stop the blood flow to nerve distribution,” said Dr. Nathan Lesley, one of the orthopedic surgeons at The Hand to Shoulder Center.

What is Trigger Finger?

Sometimes called stenosing tenosynovitis, trigger finger affects one or more fingers, making it difficult to straighten out the affected finger and causing discomfort. The condition is caused by compression in a sheath surrounding a tendon in your finger. As a result, it stays stuck when you try to straighten your finger. It's common in people who perform repetitive movements with their hands, much like carpal tunnel. However, women are more likely than men to develop trigger fingers.

What does Trigger Finger feel like?

If you have trigger finger, you’ll frequently feel it when trying to straighten your affected finger. The feeling will be like something is blocking your finger from moving, though some patients describe a painful sensation in that finger or one that travels up their arm. This can vary widely between people and can change over time.

How are Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Trigger Finger Treated?

Thanks to The Hand to Shoulder Center's facilities, getting relief for both of these common issues is easier and faster than you might think. Patients can drive home after treatment because the procedure is done with local anesthesia, and no sedation is required. “We simply numb the wrist and make a small incision. Then, we open the tunnel and their pain generally resolves immediately with full use of their hand,” said Dr. Lesley. The goal is to get you back to enjoying everyday activities as soon as possible, with little to no downtime. So, schedule a consultation at The Hand to Shoulder Center today!

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